I am a New York City based product designer with 10+ years of experience who is passionate about creating products that improves lives in a positive way. I collaborate with stakeholders throughout the product lifecycle to design solutions that focus on empathy with the people who use the products we create.

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Digital High Fives

Some nice words from some very talented teammates I've had the great fortune to work with.

  1. Ross Marks

    Insights Driven Design & Innovation Strategist

    Carlos is a Rockstar designer. I was a researcher supporting Carlos while he was the lead designer on multiple products going through rounds of rapid iterative testing. He was able to quickly identify the problem areas, design alternative solutions, and update prototypes. Only to do it all again! His amazing design skills saved the day, and the product, more times than I can count.

    Carlos is able to design within tight timelines to frequently changing product requirements and he does it with ease. He is approachable, friendly, professional, and builds strong effective working relationships with others. His process is highly collaborative, open to feedback, and patient with product owners and stakeholders. He is truly a great designer to have on a team.

  2. Rich Kaminski

    Cultural Research & Theorist

    Carlos and I worked on several projects together during my time at Miner & Co. Studio and it was an immense pleasure every single time. His design skills are top notch and he works hard to preemptively think of possible pain points and areas of confusion. From there, he designs intuitive interfaces that ensure that projects start off on the right foot and as little time as possible is spent laying the research groundwork so we can start working on the real issues at hand.

    Aside from his design skills, Carlos is the epitome of a team player. He sets aside as much time as necessary to take his team through any stimuli to be tested, making sure that every step in the research flow is understood by everyone and clearly explaining the areas to explore and overall objectives of the research. After that, he's open to suggestions and recommendations. He's never defensive and is willing to address any of his teammates' concerns and questions with a smile. More than anyone, Carlos recognizes that we can only solve our problems as a group and he is more than happy to do whatever he can to make the research a success with as few bumps along the way as possible.

    As a researcher, I appreciate Carlos's deep respect for the act of research itself. Nine times out of ten, Carlos is front row, right behind the glass for every session, actively listening and learning everything he can. In between interviews or groups, he's full of recommendations and suggestions on possible solutions for problems that are being identified - and then is able to build and push through these solutions faster than you'd think possible. There have been several times where I've walked into the back room between sessions with an idea for a new screen to test and Carlos is already half way done with the exact build I was thinking of! His ability to synthesize and respond to what he is hearing from a variety of people and sources is rare, powerful, and an asset to any team.

    Beyond research, I've had the opportunity to travel across the country with Carlos. We've shared plenty of meals and he's a great person outside of the office as well. Always fun, excited, and upbeat, he loves learning about people. He cares about and remembers the stories you tell him and he loves sharing his own stories as well. His positivity and humor is infectious and he lights up any room he's in.

    I can't speak highly enough about my experiences with Carlos. Anyone would be lucky to call him a colleague and I sincerely hope I get the chance to work with him again in the future.

  3. Emmett Wilson

    Senior Manager, Product Development at American Express

    I had the pleasure of working with Carlos in developing the web UX/UI for Pay It Plan It. Carlos was an asset to our team and brought creativity, a keen design eye as well as impressive coding skills to the table. We spent many long hours behind a two-way mirror during usability research. Carlos’s ability to react to real-time feedback and execute rapid prototyping was critical in yielding actionable insights from the customer interviews. As a result of his direct impact on the UX/UI for Pay It Plan It, customers can enjoy one of the most seamless, flexible payment options available in the credit card industry, and significant value is being generated for American Express.

    In addition to his role in research, Carlos has been a valued partner on multiple UX Design projects I’ve worked on at American Express. He is able to incorporate financial goals, customer needs and technical feasibility into his work, making him a product manager’s dream partner. I highly recommend Carlos!

  4. Joe Lontos

    Vice President, Digital Product Management and Strategy

    "Carlos was invaluable and an indispensable partner in developing and shaping Pay It Plan It - a first of its kind digital lending product. Carlos is a phenomenal UX designer that’s adept at making adjustments based on customer insights. He’s an expert when it comes to design thinking. On a personal level - it was easy and an absolute pleasure to work with Carlos; I only hope I get the opportunity to work with him again.

  5. Sam Haghgoo

    Amex Product Manager, Enterprise Digital Member Experiences

    This has been a long time coming. Thank you so much for all of your incredible work on payments to-date, you've helped us immensely and have been incredible to work with. Really enjoy collaborating and am looking forward to creating even greater experiences going forward!

  6. Mark Bisard

    Amex Vice President & Senior Counsel, General Counsel’s Organization

    I wanted to take a moment to recognize your amazing DCE designers: Harth, Carlos, Thomas and Rosemary (NOTE: will hook RS up outside of the Blue Rewards system given her contractor status). Their enthusiastic and full embrace of our first-ever GCO Hackathon made it a resounding success. It was not only fun, it was totally useful and productive because these folks literally "taught" our lawyers how to "hack" and what its like to be a designer under the gun. We saw massive strides in the room amongst different coalitions in our organization and amazing work product in a very short time period. Each of our judges, including Doris, were impressed. Most of all though, the lawyers who participated valued the time spent with these amazing designers and the insights, fun and creativity they brought to the event. They went well above and beyond the simple call to duty and made a good idea into a great, groundbreaking, memorable and meaningful event for the Company. And as far as we are aware, no other GCO in our industry does this....thanks for lending us your team for this first. They made it happen, so please justly reward them with our abundant thanks and these Blue Rewards! Can't say enough good things about them!

  7. Kirstan Lamont

    Vice President, Global Consumer Lending at American Express

    Over the last 2 months, the Pluto product team partnered with GMPI and Enterprise Digital to hold a series of customer research sessions that would simulate the end-to-end customer experience within MYCA and mobile. Unlike prior research, this round incorporated marketing and servicing communications, enhanced UX, and the payments experience in order to test customer comprehension of the product and its impact on the account balances. This team was able to pull together the research quickly and were truly agile throughout – brainstorming solutions and making changes on the fly. Because of this research, we were able to learn and make meaningful changes throughout the customer experience prior to launch.

  8. Kartik Mani

    Vice President, Global Consumer Lending at American Express

    Thank you for your significant contributions to the launch of Pay It Plan It. You have demonstrated great thought leadership and results that have ensured that we could deliver this innovative product to customers in the best way. We appreciate all of your efforts that go beyond your day-to-day role and thank you immensely.

  9. Manoja Kakani

    Director of Marketing, Global New Products & Capabilities

    Pluto Product team would like to thank you for your hardwork, continued partnership and commitment to make MVP3 a great success. Your persistence and willingness to represent the customer in your decisions everyday shows clearly in the product we released for MVP3. Your ability to navigate complexity, emerging changes, to be resourceful in finding opportunities to optimize where possible but not compromise on the end product is a huge asset to the team. We highly value and appreciate your efforts!

  10. Daniel Forst

    Director of User Experience Design, Enterprise Digital Member Experiences

    Thanks for leading the mobile provisioning journey mapping session. The learnings from this session will be extremely valuable in helping us ensure design is viewed as a partner in the product strategy and build strong bridges with business partners throughout the org. They'll also help evangelize the value of user-centered product thinking and help us build better products faster by aligning stakeholders early on in the process. Thanks for spearheading this, Carlos!

  11. Priscilla Giler

    Amex Principal of User Experience & Design, Enterprise Digital Member Experiences

    I wanted to say thanks for the consistent hard work and dedication to our Spend & Lend products, we seriously couldn't do it with out you. Our journeys have gone through some rough waters, but you always know how to guide the products and support everyone involved. Thank you for doing this and much more with your positive vibes and driven attitude, keep it up!

  12. Bradley Cohen

    Amex Director of User Experience Design, Enterprise Digital Member Experiences

    Just want to say thanks for all the hard work, long hours and late nights working on the first release of the DLS. We have come a long a way in the last month, and looking forward to continuing the good work.