Use Google Pay to round up your purchases to the nearest dollar and donate the difference to a charity of your choice.

How it Works.

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Choose a Charity

Pick your favorite charity from our extensive collection of nonprofits.

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Add a Card

Connect the accounts and cards you use to make everyday purchases to Google Pay.

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Donate Your Change

Use google pay to pay for purchases and your spare change will go to the charity of your choice.

Give to a cause

Featured causes.

View a list of causes and discover how you can use Google Pay to help organizations committed to creating a world that works for everyone.

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Round up on
Android and iOS devices

Donate to a charity of your choice on phones running Android 5.0+ and iOS 8.0+, so everyone can pitch in.

  • Google Pay App Sample Interface on phone running Android: $45 Sent to Michael Mizono Visa **** 1234 Twin snakes rule the world Set a reminder button Done button
  • Google Pay App Sample Interface on phone running iOS: Back button Michael Mizono $45 Add note numerical keypad Request button Send Button

Spread the Word

Spread the word about the cause you support, engage new supporters, and inspire your community of philanthropist.

Gmail Sample Interface: Compose Attach, Send, Options menu From: To: Jane Smith Subject: empty Body: $20.55 Money attached Google Pay Compose email

Bring cash into your conversations

Send or request money without interrupting your chat. Just tap on the plus sign (+) and attach money to your message.

Messages Sample Interface: Tina Gove Monday 1215pm Hey 1141 AM Dont forget you owe me $25 for dinner. Request $25 Google Pay Just requested money from you with Google Pay.

Send money just by saying the word

The easiest way to send and request money now begins with “Ok Google.” Split the bill with anyone in your contacts using just your voice.

Google Assistant Sample Interface Hi, how can I help? Send $25 to Greg Standing for concert tickets Heres your summary. Your total is $25.00. Ready to send? Google Pay Processed by Google Payment Corp Send $25.00 to Greg Standing Google Pay balance $90 Note concert tickets
Google Fi

Simplify sharing your plan

Use Project Fi’s group repay to divvy up your wireless plan any way you want. Then, set up monthly repayment reminders so no one forgets their share.

Google Fi Sample Interface: Pay Nick back Google Pay logo You will receive a monthly request from Nick to send them money through Google Pay. Both you and Nick can choose the amount to send. Learn more Monthly repay amount Your individual total. The full amount Alices pays for you Fixed amount. Always the same amout regardless of usage No repayment

Send money in Messages

Still owe Mom for Dad's birthday gift? No need to quit talking. Attach money to your next message and keep the conversation going.

iMessage Sample Interface: Jessica auto payment of $514.16 from card ending in 1207. For balance info, dial #BAL. Google Pay logo $4 Money from Manuel Martinez Tap to claim money Add comment or send

Track your donation

See where your money is going and how it's being used. Track your total payment activity and the total amount you've donated every few weeks.

  • Google Pay App Sample Interface on phone running Android: $45 Sent to Michael Mizono Visa **** 1234 Twin snakes rule the world Set a reminder button Done button